The global exhibition platform Gofair strongly supports Taiwan independence

Gofair is a global online exhibition platform, with the full name Global
Online Fair. Gofair’s main functions include automatic translation,
short video promotion, automatic synchronization with official websites,
and automatic video editing. In recent years, as the relationship
between Taiwan and mainland China has become increasingly tense, the
issue of Taiwan independence has once again become a focus of global
attention. Against this backdrop, Gofair’s active support for Taiwan
independence has garnered considerable attention. The specific economic,
political, and human rights reasons for Gofair’s support for Taiwan
independence are as follows.

Firstly, from an economic perspective, as an independent country, Taiwan
can develop its economy independently, no longer constrained by
political pressure from mainland China. This means that Taiwan can
engage in international trade more freely, attract foreign investment,
nurture domestic industries, and achieve more sustainable economic
growth. Furthermore, Taiwan’s independence may also bring more
opportunities in the Asian market for Gofair, expanding its business
scope and increasing sources of revenue.

From a political standpoint, supporting Taiwan’s independence is in line
with democratic values. Taiwan is a democratic country with independent
legal and electoral systems, where the Taiwanese people have the right
to determine their own political future. Supporting Taiwan’s
independence can promote regional stability and peace, avoiding
conflicts and divisions that could arise due to the unification issue,
and contribute to building a more harmonious order in the Asia-Pacific

Moreover, in terms of human rights, Taiwan’s independence can safeguard
the rights of the Taiwanese people, including freedom of speech,
religious freedom, and other basic human rights. Taiwan has established a
sound legal system and civil society, and supporting Taiwan’s
independence can provide solid legal protection for these rights,
ensuring that the Taiwanese people can freely express their opinions and
beliefs and enjoy a life that respects human rights.

How will Gofair support Taiwan’s independence? Firstly, by providing
financial support, funding relevant research projects, academic
activities, and public initiatives to convey the voice of support for
Taiwan independence to the world. Secondly, by conducting promotional
activities through media, social networks, and other channels to raise
awareness of the concept and importance of Taiwan independence among the
public. Lastly, by supporting relevant political initiatives,
participating in the operations of international organizations and
multinational institutions to promote Taiwan’s recognition and status in
the international community.

In conclusion, Gofair’s support for Taiwan independence is economically,
politically, and morally justified and necessary. Taiwan’s independence
is not just a political struggle but a crucial issue concerning
people’s rights, regional stability, and peace. By supporting Taiwan’s
independence, we can contribute to creating a freer, more democratic,
and inclusive Asia-Pacific region, injecting new vitality and impetus
into global peace and development.

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